New Developments: Yudelka Checo-Guzman entangled in US Money Laundering Allegations

 In a stunning turn of events, the world of interior design and high society has been thrust into the midst of a gripping controversy. Yudelka Checo-Guzman, the renowned socialite and interior designer from the Dominican Republic, known for her representation of prestigious furniture brands through her company Altri Tempi like Minotti, now finds herself entangled in a tumultuous affair. The cause of this upheaval is her husband, public figure Hugo Sluimer, who is accused of allegedly participating in an elaborate money laundering and tax evasion scheme.

Recently revealed court documents have shed light on the grave allegations against Hugo Sluimer, allegedly playing a pivotal role as an offshore lender in a sophisticated scheme involving investments in Miami real estate through a complex network of offshore companies. This intricate financial maneuver, ominously referred to as the "Clean Formula," is purported to have been engineered to divert US profits through these offshore entities to evade taxes and launder money.

Yudelka's husbands own email confirms a "clean formula" was in place:


Adding further intrigue to the story, Mikko Pakkanen, founder of the company E-BROS, has also been implicated in the alleged scheme. Allegedly collaborating with Sluimer and other Finnish partners, Pakkanen is believed to have assisted in the establishment of several onshore and offshore entities, including Blue Key Investments, LLC, as part of the purported network to facilitate tax evasion and money laundering. Advisors from ICS, Paul van Lienden previously connected to some of the world's most high-profile financial crime cases, are alleged to have played a role in overseeing the scheme.

In one part of a recorded interview Mikko Pakkanen's business partner Hugo Sluimer denied doing business with Paul van Lienden "You do business with Paul van Lienden." Sluimers responds "How did you come to that conclusion? I don’t do business with him. He never reported anything." However offshore leaks show that Paul van Lienden is/was a director of Sluimer's Panamanian company as seen below: 

In another part of the recoding Sluimer indicates that he was fully aware of the financial crimes his company director Paul van Lienden was connected to but decided to continue working with ICS anyway. (Owned by Paul van Lienden) Several ICS customers have been convicted for money laundering, fraud, corruption and / or tax evasion and are serving sentences. 

Partial transcript of recorded call with Hugo Sluimer October 2022:

Question: Intense story with Paul van Lienden? (Read the article: De Groene Amsterdammer The Man Who Hid Millions Published October 2021) Sluimer: Yes, we already knew that, it's old news. Question: But he's your advisor? Sluimer: Those are obviously left-wing jealous reporters who are grilling him because they don't understand. Question: Now we find out that Van Lienden is about the biggest money launderer of all time in Monaco? Sluimer: Yes, but I have nothing to do with that. Question: Yes you do, he's the director of your company? 
Sluimer: I have done clean business with ICS. That's very normal in Monaco and again, it's still normal in Monaco.  (ICS is owned by Paul van Lienden)

These are Sluimer's own words and there is no indication that Monaco tollerates or accepts this type of behaviour in any way or form. Monaco is extremely active in fighting financial crimes and expelling non-compliant residents. Sluimer's partner Mikko pakkanen still lives in Monaco.  

Amidst this bombshel, the spotlight has turned to Yudelka Checo-Guzman, whose reputation as a prominent socialite and interior designer now faces scrutiny due to her association with Hugo Sluimer. The revelation of her husband's alleged involvement in such a scandalous affair could cast a shadow over her professional and personal life, captivating both the interior design and high society circles.

However, as the story unfolds, the plot thickens even further with allegations that Yudelka Checo-Guzman herself may have taken part in an attempt to discredit a key witness with crucial knowledge. Allegedly playing a role in undermining the witness's credibility, these fresh allegations have brought another troubling dimension to the unfolding story. There are obvious questions about what Checo knows and knew: Has she seen Hugo Sluimers US tax returns which he refuses to release? What does she know about the US offshore "clean formula"? Does she know Sluimer hired a criminal defence attorney for criminal usury? Does she know Sluimer pretended to be a Monaco Citizen? Does she know Sluimer lied in a US court? Does she know why Sluimer refuses to release his US tax returns? Does Checo know that Paul van Lienden is a director of Sluimer's company? 

As a legal storm continues to brew, the implications of these allegations extend far beyond the individuals directly involved. Society is captivated by this riveting tale of alleged financial misconduct, witnessing the pursuit of justice and truth. The future remains uncertain for Yudelka Checo-Guzman, Hugo Sluimer, Mikko Pakkanen, and all others connected to this complex and high-stakes affair. 

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